Polestar Maritime Ltd. is an Indian shipowner managed by an experienced and capable team.

The promoter’s family has been involved in various verticals of shipping since the last seven decades hence Polestar Maritime Ltd. has an impressive lineage &heritage along with a trusted reputation,reliable commercial and administrative capabilities, vast experience,professionalism and a strong industrial network.

We recognize that in the ever-changing shipping industry, we have to always keep in view the possible market changes and requirement of customers while ensuring that the assets acquired and placed for operation are efficient as well as commercially- viable.

As an Indian company ,we are confident about the growth and bright prospects of business in India and Polestar Maritime Ltd. will continue to be a part of the success story of our country.

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The promoter’s family has been involved in various marine logistic solutions. Polestar Maritime Ltd. presently focuseson the niche market of harbour tugs, coastal towing & assistance and marine services at ports. Our team with extensive training and decades of experience provides services of international standards.

  • Port and Terminal Operation and Management

  • Towing and Berthing/Un-berthing at/near ports
  • Salvage and Project Assistance
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