We are reputed, reliable and efficient because:

  • Our promoters and shore management is an ideal mix of marine heritage, experience, industry knowledge & capability.
  • We believe in modernising our fleet of tugs for replacement & expansion. In recent times, we have acquired four new-building tugs and have two new- building tugs under construction.
  • The promoters are fully updated on the changes in the shipping industry hence we do not over-expand based on market forecasts and invest wisely.
  • As we serve important marine terminals, our staff on board are trained and well-experienced. They are constantly guided, trained and monitored by professionally-competent shore managers. There are regular audits, inspection and record-keeping of compliance with regulations.
  • We understand the importance of standards and are certified by ISO.
  • For further upgradation of training, our organisation will soon have an in-house simulator for staff on board.
  • Due importance is given to staff welfare including medical aid, food, good quality of life on board and enough rest. We are proud to have some of the most motivated crew in the harbour/near coast segment in India.
  • Our Management believes in the old Baltic exchange theory of “my commitment –my bond” hence our company has an excellent reputation for honoured commitment in and outside India.